Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Vintage Leather Sling Chair & Retro Tapestry Macrame Wall Hanging

Thought I'd share some vintage treasure today. I love a bargain vintage buy and both of these items fit the bill... the leather sling back chair is one of a pair, purchased on Ebay for $20 each!! They are super comfy and while the legs need a little TLC - also known as rust remover, they are one of my favourite vintage buys to date. This was such a lucky find, the couple selling these chairs were heading overseas and clearing out their bulky items... they had purchased these chairs from a vintage boutique a few years prior which I'd say means they were definitely not $20 each at the time of purchase ;-).

The retro wall hanging was a Vinnies bargain at $3! Mum pointed it out as we perused the shelves and I'm loving the geo /aztec/ navajo inspired design. Not sure if it's classed as macrame, embroidery or weaving but I'm thrilled to add it to my collection. We were quite a way from the city when we spotted this gem hence the bargain and the find itself... doubt it would have lasted more then a minute in the inner city op shops.

Industrial letter 'S' - purchased at a roadside market in Paris


  1. What Beautiful bargains Tina. I'm a tiny bit jealous ;)

  2. Thanks so much Kylie :)... I wish it was always this easy to find vintage treasure!!. Your slight jealousy tells me I've done very well - YAY :) !!!.

  3. Do you know if the chairs are based on a designer style chair, I have a set that look similar and was wondering if they have any value?

    1. Hey Hanna,
      Thank you for your question... I have been hunting around to find a maker and there seems to be a number of similar versions but none that I can directly attribute to a particular design house or brand in order to establish a value in my case and at this stage. The chairs definitely have great decorative vintage value despite the fact that they currently remain "nameless". If you have the time maybe try flipping your chairs upside down and checking for any branding or manufacturers labels around the base under the sling or branded into the leather. Even country of origin labels will help to establish an idea of value and/or possible manufactures particularly if they were made locally. That said though, the absence of a label doesn't always mean they are not designer I have an original Tolix chair without branding ... Charles Pollock designed a leather sling chair for Knoll and there are several similar Danish designs to be found as well so it just depends on whether your chairs hold any clues!. They sound fab btw!. All the best and feel free to let me know how you go :)!


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