Friday, 13 December 2013

Miss Chu Inspired Summer Party Coconut Cocktail Loveliness!

For my birthday this year my husband and I popped into Miss Chu in South Yarra for lunch. Serving tasty Vietnamese street food in an uber cool setting, this place is definitely worth visiting.

I was drawn to the place after seeing the owner and founder interviewed. I thought she was amazing - savvy, generous, feisty and totally inspiring and after our visit I have to say lunch, dinner or snacks at Miss Chu is a real treat from the senses...

At this time of year I start thinking about my festive season cooking and given the weather here in Australia I always like to mix up a chilled cocktail or two for guests. This reminded me of Miss Chu's Young Coconut slushies served with or without vodka... they are absolutely delicious and would make the perfect summer festive season offering.

I remember Mum and Dad buying "baby coconuts" and drinking the milk straight from the fruit "resort style" and at that time I wasn't too fussed by the taste but now I've grown to love the subtle nutty flavour. With all of that in mind I was delighted to find frozen young coconut drinks at my local Korean Supermarket and set about recreating the young coconut & cucumber slushies we enjoyed back in August. 

Here is my simple Miss Chu inspired Coconut Slushy Recipe:
Serves 2
2 x young coconut frozen drinks
1/2 lime 
3" long cut of cucumber
For the spiked version add 40mls-50mls of vodka or coconut rum
You will also need a blender or food processor to create your slushy

Allow your coconut drinks to defrost a little bit so they can be processed with ease. Place in a blender with the lime juice and cut cucumber skin on. Then simple pulse and you are done... for the cocktail version add your spirits and pulse again for a few seconds - serve immediately.

This is the packaging you will find in your local Asian Supermarket... check out the freezer section.


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