Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dusk Australia - Pink Citron Artisan Room Spray

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Dusk's beautiful Artisan range ... sadly at the time I had a crazy cold, so smelling the gorgeous notes in each of the 5 bespoke fragrances was a bit tricky, but I certainly knew this was range of products I had to revisit with the full return of my sense of smell!. 

This week marked the postal arrival of their 100ml Pink Citron Room Spray so I took it for a test drive. From the moment I opened the package a subtle waft of grapefruit filled my nostrils. I should say I really like fresh/ fruity fragrances, so this is the perfect scent for me but even so it isn't overpowering or overly sweet, it's a lovely combination of citrus notes with a slight amber/musky depth. 

How did it go in the odour neutralizing department? Well, I boiled up two eggs peeled, cut and ate them and then got to spraying... four or five sprays around the kitchen and I have to say I could no longer smell the delightful egg aroma, I was impressed. I live in a small space so cooking smells, while nice when you're hungry, can swiftly infuse the entire house bed linen and all so this spray will be really handy, particularly when friends drop in.  


P.S This is our first hydrangea of the season - love it!

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