Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Lisa Ho Collection

I was sitting in the doctors office Friday afternoon flicking through the August edition of Vogue Living and stumbled across an advertisement for the sale of  fashion designer Lisa Ho's estate... the ad featured some amazing coastal treasures that I could not find on file but I thought I'd share some of the things that were offered for sale by Mossgreen Auctions. The collection included vintage bags, dresses, furniture and curiosities.


Doug Webb lithos $854

metal birdcages $244

vintage book makers board $793

1960's Norwegian Chairs $2684

Tree Branch Table $305


Andy Warhol Silk Screen $4880

beaded bolero $305

1920's beaded dress

French beaded dress

Coral Prints in mirror framed - $549

French 19th century Hall Stand - $915

French Doorway - $488

Indian doors $793


My favourites would have to be the French hall stand and the Norwegian chairs - lovely!


  1. bajinga!! she should of just had a garage sale! be fighting you for those chairs!...wouldn't mind that bit of Andy as well. hows your weekend travelling?
    Allison x

  2. Hey Allison,
    Omg Lisa Ho garage sale yes, if only. I'd love the Andy as well, what a great piece to own!.
    My weekend has been a tad busy, went to a dinner dance last night, then after a much needed sleep in we had my brother, his hubby and their little dog Lewis over for afternoon tea and have just returned from dinner at my parents! Overall a good weekend, hope you have had equally enjoyable one, will come and check out what you've been up to - looking forward to it!. xx Tina


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