Wednesday, 19 September 2012

DIY Map Projects - Re purposing vintage maps for home decoration

Everyone has an old street directory or vintage atlas lying around the house and these DIY craft ideas will have you transforming them into one off works of art that cost next to nothing and look amazing! Re purposing maps are a great way to display your favourite destinations in style... maybe you have a crumpled map lying around from that trip to Paris or an old map of your family's country of origin - these simple to-do's will have you displaying them with pride!.

decoupaged map letter DIY title

All you need for this task is glue, maps and a letter - finishing with a coat of varnish would also look great.
DIY found here (jessica chronical)

maps in hoops Map It: DIY It

Image only found rowhousenest

All you need are maps and embroidery hoops.. you could also use maps printed on tea towels for this project

here is a great embroidery hoop DIY how to by the the curiosity box

 found here
with the festive season around the corner this gift wrap inspiration is certainly on my list of things to do!

Vintage map coasters
The clever cats at Martha Stewart created this DIY

Map heart artwork - you will need maps cuts into heart shapes, frame and a piece of white card board.
Found here

vintage map covered cardboard deer head by the awesome steph goralnick by laverne

Not for the faint hearted this d├ęcoupage cardboard stag head is marvellous!  
world map covered stag head
Steph Goralnick

Found here
 This is slightly ambitious but a statement non the less! Map wallpaper

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