Thursday, 12 July 2012

DIY Vintage Wedding Table Numbers - Re purpose old frames into fabulous features for your big day!

DIY Vintage Frame Table Numbers article photo

A brilliant DIY craft idea for the prospective Bride, these vintage inspired wedding table number centrepieces will delight your guests and double as a collage artwork/ keepsake when the day is over. I wish I'd stumbled across this tutorial for my 2006 celebrations.... 

You will need assorted vintage frames depending on your table numbers... you can use old or new frames in varying sizes and designs - Flea Markets, Opp Shops, Thrift Stores and White Elephant Stalls at school fetes and fairs are a great way to obtain vintage frames. Try to mixing it up buying some frames with a gilded design and others with wooden bevelled painted edges in round, oval, square and rectangle shapes....

Choose papers in varying patterns to suit your theme.... florals, polka dots, candy stripes and flocked patterns are all good options... as you will see, in the images provided, the papers chosen are all vintage inspired muted pastels tones... when choosing your papers grab swatches and group them to ensure they work together and suit your theme - see image below. 

For the numbers you can be as creative as you like mixing it up and using vintage or vintage inspired numbers in varying shapes and sizes according to your frame size. Craft stores have wooden numbers you can paint and use or you may be lucky enough to come across some vintage numbers at thrift stores and fairs, you can also simply print and cut out paper numbers.

When your big day is over you can create a collage art work keepsake by hanging the table number frames on your wall. Putting a few wedding pics into the mix will also look fantastic so buying a few more vintage frames for this purpose would be a great idea.

DIY idea by Project Wedding 

You will need a glue stick, PVA ( for gluing wooden numbers if using them), frames, papers

1. Cut the papers to size using the frames back board as your guide
2. glue the paper to the back board
3. Using tacky glue or PVA glue your wooden numbers to the centre of the paper within the frame and leave to dry.

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