Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vintage Style Baby Craft Gift Idea

When I was little my Aunties hand made a number of gorgeous keepsakes for myself and my siblings that remain in the family to date. When my friends started to have babies I thought why not bring the tradition back so the next generation of little ones can have some handmade treasures to pass down the family lines.

I made this Vintage Inspired Baby Bird Door Hang for a little boys room. 

The Shopping List
fabric remnants (wrapped around a small hoop), a small ring or hoop (as the bird perch), ribbons (ric rac and candy striped), little bird, stamp set and a hot glue gun.

Basic Directions
Start by painting the bird (if needed), then tightly fold the fabric around the hoop and hot glue to fasten in place, Loop the ribbon to the hoop and again fasten with hot glue, Hot Glue the bird to the perch and finish by stamping the letters to the ribbon or adding a bow or two as above.

A great DIY vintage inspired baby keepsake for years to come!

This 50's inspired Stencil artwork by Audiobirth would also make a stunning contribution to a nursery or child's room.

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