Thursday, 26 April 2012

Macrame - The New Generation of Knotters

When you head out on a vintage home wares shopping spree you're not always going to find things you like... fortunately for me, last week instead of finding objects of desire, I found three vintage craft books two on the art of Macrame and one on embroidery (with the owl on the cover).

The whole Macramé thing got me thinking, is this something I want to partake in??? Then I started searching the net and decided YES IN DEED!

The new wave "Macrame-ers" are taking this ancient art of hand knotting to a whole new level. The Design Files recently featured the amazing Sarah Parkes who effortlessly reworks this craft for modern interiors and I was lucky enough to find the brilliant Sally England who adds a soft, organic, beach-house aesthetic to some of her amazing works. Both artist's consistently create incredible works... Definitely on my wishlist!.   

Sarah Parkes Courtesy of The Design Files

Fur hairdressing macrame pot hangings.

Fur Hairdressing website- Sarah Parkes Smalltown

Sally England - Modern Macramé 
I love the use of the Duck Egg Blue cord - so fresh.

Sally England website 

The art of knotting cord is thousands of years old and spans the globe. From Japan to America this art form was used to represent numbers and story telling before it was adopted by the Royal Courts and Convents as a pastime throughout Europe.

From humble beginnings Macrame made it into interior decorating by way of tassels and fringes before bursting into the bold statement craft we knew in the 70's and have rediscovered today.

My aim is to try and make something from one of the books this year! 

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