Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hoot Hoot! Retro/ Scandinavian Inspired Owl Cake

Scandinavian Inspired Owl Cake

Retro / Scandinavian Inspired Owl Cake ... I made this cake late 2011 from batter to the fondant - messy but good fun!!! It reminded me of the felt toys I had as a child..."

Who doesn't love an Owl? Taking inspiration from Giggle and Hoot and Retro felt toys this Scandinavian Style Naive Owl came to life. The cake was Chocolate Nut and Egg free... still haven't mastered the recipe but practice makes perfect. To ice I just made a simple marshmellow fondant for the icing (about 2-3 packets marshmellows (melted with a dash of water and microwaved for about 30-60 seconds (be careful at this stage, the mixture is hot), then add icing sugar till you get a nice dough consistency and add food colours to suit your design.

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